Fashion Story: Strangers in the void

Shirt, skirt, belt by n°21 and corset by stylist remake.

Blouse, dress, skirt and belt by n°21. Jacket and trouser by Vivienne Westwood man.

Knitdress and jacket by dsquared2, accessory stylist remake. jacket, skirt and belt by n°21, shoes by g.v.g.v.

Shirt and salopet by Vivienne Westwood man and corset stylist remake.

Tops by dsquared2. Coat, vest, belt and trousers by dsquared2.

Jacket, shirt and skirt by Vivienne Westwood and corset stylist remake. Photography by Junji Hirose, fashion by Go Momose, hair by Fumi Maehara, makeup by Chifumi Nambashi and modeling by Ko Nakano and Nana Takagi. Creative info: Junji Hirose, Go Momose, Fumi Maehara, Chifumi Nambashi, Ko Nakano and Nana Takagi.