Fashion Story: Summer ’82

vintage white two piece suit from C’est Chic, blue sheer blouse by Zara, hair Clip by Coucou Suzette and pearlescent Heels-Steve Madden.
Green Blazer by Zara, vintage gold silk pants from-Ship N Shore, vintage gold button down from Callahan, vintage pastel geometric dress from Sears Roebuck and vintage white flats-from Ross Hommerman.
Vintage blue pants by Arrrow, metallic bow top by Zara, pink heels by ASOS and antique fencing mask.
Red pleated pantsuit by Zara, vintage tapestry jacket by Dan Gertsman and red tie up blouse by Golden Ponies.
Photography by Joelle Grace Rosen, styling by Francesca Gabrielle, hair and make up by Serena Jenkins and modeling by Viktorija @freedommodelsla.