Fashion Story: Summer Breeze

Suit and shoes by Sheena, earrings by Lani Lees Jewelry.

Suit by Oil Official. Dress by Ssheena.

Dress by Lee Mathews and shoes by Ganni.

Suit by Oil Official and shoes by Ssheena. Dress by Yulia Kjellsson.

Jumpsuit by Oil Official and shoes by Ganni. Dress by Ioannes, blazer by Ioannes and shoes by Ganni. Photography by Domenico Constantino, fashion and art direction by Saskia Jung, hair and makeup by Ana Sánchez Peña, set design by Daniel Ortiz and modeling by Amanda Denis Henriksson@Elite Barcelona. Creative info:  Domenico Constantino, Saskia Jung, Daniel Ortiz and Ana Sánchez Peña.