Fashion Story: Sweeter Than Honey

Dress by El Cajon Vintage.
Dress by El Cajon Vintage, Trench by Carzoglio.
Coat by Romen Carcio.
Shirt by Uniqlo.

Coat by Romen Carcio.
T-Shirt by Pablo Bernard, Shirt by cvnt-oficial. Photography by Jimena Nahon, fashion by Vanesa Mogno, hair and make up by Jazmin Calcarami with Mac Cosmetics for Kabuki Makeup School, food artist by Anna Keville Joyce, video by Steve Thayalan, assistance by by Fadua Sulheir, Juana Iribarren, Violeta Murphy, Macarena GutiƩrrez, Gina Catanese and Alejandra Kuktosky.