Fashion Story: Tangled

Jacket by Luís Carvalho, knit by Void, shoes and tights Stylist’s own. Top and gloves by Ventura Ventura Studio, pants by Molly 9.8, bikini top as a belt by Niica Store.
Shirt by Void, pants by João Magalhães, rings by Niica Store, boots Stylist’s own. Coat by Void, shirt by Oxymora, earrings by Niica Store, shoes and tights Stylist’s own.
Leggings and shirt by João Magalhães, knits by Oxymora, shoes by ESC, bag by João Magalhães, ring by Niica Store. Shirt and pants by Oxymora, shoes by Tatuaggi, choker by Niica Store, socks stylist’s own. Photography and art direction by Julia Dimitrova, fashion by Sara Soares, hair and make up by Sara Marques de Oliveira and modeling by Ionhinte Maria Carvalho Fernandes@Blast Models. Fashion assistance by Marine Sigaut.