Fashion Story: Temporary Darkroom


Top by Haus Coudeyre.

Riding cap by Groundscore and jacket by Jeremy Scott for Adidas.
T-shirt by R+Huberty. K-way by Fabien Verriest, top by Super Piece of Chic, pants by Walter Van Bierendonck, shoes are a collaboration by Jennifer Lecrique, Nicolas Watteijne, and Fabien Verriest.

Skirt by Groundscore.

Top by Fabien Verriest, pants by Hale Bob, sandals are a collaboration by Jennifer Lecrique and Nicolas. Cap and skirt by Groundscore.



K-way by Fabien Verriest, top by Jean Paul Knott and shorts by Undiz and Groundscore. Leggings by Fabien Verriest and shoes Reebok Pump. Photography by Kris de Smedt, fashion by Kate Aronsson-Brown, make up by Crystal Die, hair by Christophe Lambenne and modeling by Lazare Tekaya@YC models. Creative info: Kris de Smedt, Kate Aronsson-Brown, Crystal Die and Christophe Lambenne.