Fashion Story: The Apartment

Suit by Tsumori Chisato, glasses by Partyof2two, hat by No Name, shoes by Mango, coat by Valentina Khan, jacket by Greta Gram, pants by Altewaisaome, blouse by Tsumori Chisato and shoes by Nike.

Coat by Mila Halizova, blouse by Lena Maksimova, pants by Tsumori Chisato, hat by MDWS, shoes by Two Goals, jacket by Tsumori Chisato, pants by Greta Gram, sweater by Stussy and shoes by Zara.

Suit by Valentina Khan, hat by Daje, fur by Tsumori Chisato and glasses by Partyof2two.

Sweater by Tsumori Chisato.

Gloves by Tsumori Chisato, suit by Belka, pants by Svarka, dress by Evgeniya Barkova and shoes by Dr Martens.

Dress by Evgeniya Barkova and shoes by Nike. 
Photography by Dmitry Porechnyy, fashion by Julia Barieva, makeup and hair by Vera Kovaleva, photography assistance by Michael Vonotkov, fashion assistance by Olga Ilina and modeling by Ilya Lim and Katya Ney. Creative info: Dmitry Porechnyy and Julia Barieva.