Fashion Story: Big city light

Jacket by Ellery and pants by William Fan. Vest by Nobi Talai, dress by Hien Le and earrings vintage.
Blouse by Nobi Talai, pullover by Miu Miu and pants by Hien Le. Dress by Nobi Talai, vest by Hien Le and hat by Jil Sander.
Shirt by Hien Le and skirt by Prada. Dress by Nobi Talai, vest by Hien Le, earrings by Xenia Bous and shoes vintage.
Shirt by Miu Miu, skirt by Nobi Talai and bracelet by Xenia Bous. Blouse by Hien Le, skirt by Nobi Talai and earring by Marni.
Top by Prada, jacket vintage, pants by William Fan and earrings by William Fan. Pants by Nobi Talai, blouse by Hien Le, blouse on top by Nobi Talai and necklace by Xenia Bous. Photography by Daniel Feistenauer, fashion by Ricarda Venjacob@Liganord, hair and make up by Patricia Heck@Nina Klein and modeling by Clara Thorndal@Core Management.