Fashion Story: The Band

He wears a top by Discovered, trousers by stylist’s own. She wears a blouse & skirt by Adelly (Office Surprise), vintage Dior earrings by Vintage Qoo Tokyo.
Dress by Fuki Goto and vintage Chanel earrings By Vintage Qoo Tokyo. Jacket and trousers by Hikari Morigami, top by Postelegant.
Jacket and trousers by Little Big, sunglasses by A.D.S.R., top ad earrings stylist’s own.
He wears a jacket and top & trousers by Postelegant, shoes by Spring Court. She wears a dress and hat by Yui Noto, socks and shoes by stylist’s own. Dress by Hikari Morigami. Photography by Aki Takayama, fashion by Miyuki Toma, hair and make up by Yuna Kondo, modeling by Sena Morimoto@ aNmoda and Kuromi.