Fashion Story: The Coast

Dress by by Rebekka Ruetz. Headpiece by Vera Witthaut, coat by Rebekka Ruetz, pants by Rebekka Ruetz, boots by Alina Schuerfeld.
Dresses by Bahar Fazeli and Vera Witthaut. Caftan and dress by Hope, sandals by United Nude, socks by Falke, sunglasses by Karen Walker, necklace by Swarovski.
Dress, skirt and blouse by Hope, turtleneck by King Louie, sandals by United Nude, socks by Falke. Choker with bow by Vera Witthaut, dress by Rebekka Ruetz, sunglasses by Karen Walker.
Headpiece and kimono by Vera Witthaut. Top by DAY Birger & Mikkelsen, skirt by Hope, sandals by Mime et moi, gloves by Jessy Stuchly, socks by Falke. Photography by Christine Lutz, fashion by Vera Witthaut@Blkagency, make up by Annika Noack, modeling by Tasha Malek@M4 Models, fashion assistance by Marina Stefan@ Blkagency.