Fashion Story: The Hall

Top by Knitlubov, bra by Baiba Ripa and trousers by Tribal Hotel. Jacket by Snakecake Vintage, underwear by Flash you and me, tights stylist’s archive and earring by Tribal Hotel. 

Bodysuit by Keta Gutmane, dress by Baiba Ripa and shoes by Loreta Asermane. 

Dress by Loreta Asermane, bra and shoes by Tribal Hotel. Corset and underpants by Anna, socks by Falke and leather socks by Laura Kreivina. 

Bodysuit by Anna Gulbe, skirt and scarf by Loreta Asermane.

Dress by Keta Gutmane, underwear by Flash You & Me and shoes by Tribal Hotel. Underwear by Flash you and me, top by Tribal Hotel and socks by Falke. Photography by Kristine Madjare, fashion by Sabine Groza, hair and make up by Amanda Grinberga, modeling by Barbara@systemlatvia and Lada@thebromodels.