Fashion Story: The Last Chapter

Shirt by LITKOVSKAYA, skirt by Lallier, shoes by Converse, shirt and pants by Artem Klimchuk, belt and shoes model´s own. Top by Lallier, skirt by Sanna One and boots stylist´s own.

Cape by Lake Studio and skirt by Dafna May. Top and pants by Artem Klimchuk, jacket and boots model´s own.

Dress by LITKOVSKAYA. Cape by Lake Studio, skirt by Dafna May.

T-shirt and pants by Artem Klimchuk, hat and boots stylist´s own. Dress by LITKOVSKAYA. Photography by Olga Kushyk, fashion by Anastasiia Yatsenko, makeup and hair by Maria Sova, modeling by Tani Birkin@Egomodels_ukraine and Bogdan Romanovic. The photographer was assisted by Max Zubashych and the stylist by Slavia.