Fashion Story: The Last Piece

Americana, trousers and layer by Jm Font, hat and bag by Zahati, shoes by Maison Margiela. Shirt by Marta Casal, cardigan vintage, trousers by dockers, straps and shoes vintage.
Shirt and sweater by Paula Molet, trousers by Azul Marino casi negro, socks by Scalpers, shoes vintage. Americana, trousers and shirt by Jm Font,, headband by Zahati, bag by Araceli Garcia bags, shoes by Maison Margiela, tie by Cecilia de Rafel.
Shirt by scalpers, suit by Hugo Boss, scarf by Cecilia de rafael, shoes vintage. Coat by Jm Font, body by Àurea Dominuguez, shoes by Maison Margiela, trousers by Àurea Dominguez. Photography by María Marín, fashion by Clàudia Cervós, fashion assistance by Irene Bertran, hair by Mariana Rodriuez make up by Mariana Rodriguez and modeling by Katsiaryna Tsitova, Alexa Hill, Lluc Beltran, Jonah Van Den Bos@fifthmodels.