Fashion Story: The Light Is All Around You


Jewellery models own and blazer by Commes des Garcons. Jewellery models own, polo shirt by Bruuns Bazaar, blazer and pants by Zara and sneakers by Chanel.

Shirt by COS, vest by Celine and pants by Stella McCartney. Shirt by Bruuns Bazaar and skirt by Celine.

Turtleneck by Rick Owens and coat by COS. Jewellery models own and jumpsuit by Zara.

Jewellery models own, turtleneck by Rick Owens, coat by COS, jeans by Acne studios and sneakers by Chanel. Skirt by Jil Sanders, denim jacket by Acne studios, blazer by Bruuns Bazaar and pants vintage.

Shirt by Bruuns Bazaar. Jewellery models own, shirt and pants by Bruuns Bazaar and sneakers by Chanel. Photography by Mariya Pepelanova@Gossip Creative, fashion by Liv Kragh and modeling by Charlotte Lindvig@Heartbreak Management. Creative info: Mariya Pepelanova and Liv Kragh.