Fashion Story: The Light

Bib by Lula Laora, trousers by Quiet Ceremony and slippers by Rejina Pyo. Shirt by Olivia Von Hall.
Top by Paloma Suarez, dress by Zilver and vintage earring. Dress by Lula Laora, top and sandals by Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini, hat by Sweet’n’Twisted.
Corset by Mithridate, trousers and gloves by Josephine Bloom, stilettos by BB Smith, earrings by SAAD Collection. Dress by Ala, boots by Josephine Bloom, earrings by SAAD Collection. Photography by Reve Ryu, fashion by Alice Secchi, modeling by Kentha@Milk Management, hair by Shinosuke Nakashimo, make up by Cristine Dupuys, manicurist by Nadia Blanco by Carol Hayes & Beautii, casting Direction and production by Imola Fedor.