Fashion Story: The Only Girl in the World

Earrings and Bag stylist’s own. Sunglasses by Gentle Monster @Reference Studios, coat by Anne Isabella and pants by Anna Lösel. Jumpsuit by Anna Lösel and gloves by Ina Savela.
Shoes and top by Anne Isabella, skirt vintage@ Soba 32, veil by Ina Savela, gloves stylist’s own and earrings by Anna Lösel.
Bodysuit by Isabel Heise, apron by Anna Lösel, shoes and gloves stylist’s own.
Earrings by Anna Lösel, bodysuit vintage@ Soba 32 and layered bodysuit by Elodie Carstensen.
Dress by Ina Savela and shoes by Anna Lösel. Photography by Adrian Alarcon and Pia Opp. Fashion by Stef Woods and Teodora Jimborean. Hair and make up by Gianluca Venerdini and modeling by Sarah Grützmacher@Tomorrow is another day.