Fashion Story: The Rachels


Sometimes there’s a gal..

Way out in a space like < this > that casual scroll down the instagram feed doesn’t exist… yet ^

and maybe < here > the fine qualities of a #heroine may be looked upon with reverence ????

At lunches and parties and first dates she only says things like: I don’t watch TV I watch Netflix / I don’t have facebook / I don’t have time for a boyfriend (!!!) she only replies: maybe … / not so much … / maybe not so much … (?)

When she was eight years old she started wearing sunglasses and changed her name to < A. G. ffrench > and whenever anybody asked her about it she would say every time: ‘Y’ever heard of a nickname??’ And that’d be it –

She didn’t *do* karaoke but if she did she sang Sinead O’connor ‘nothing compares 2 U’ (but the Prince version)and she’d only ever eat a spoonful of dessert (unless it’s pumpkin pie) ^^^ She was the sort who sees which way the wind blows before making up her mind.

Some may have said she was #refreshing and one or two maybe said #worldsfinest

It might be a stretch to apply the label #heroine (or maybe she’s just too cool for that) but sometimes there’s a gal … sometimes there’s a gal –

Photography by Emma Anderson, fashion by Kate Stein, poem by Whitney Nicholls-Potts and modeling by Rachel Nutt@IMG and Rachel Stickley. Creative info: Emma Anderson.