Fashion Story: The Road

Crop shirt by H&M, crochet cardigan by XXI, mini skirt by Madewell, red pleated skirt by ASOS Design, black floral skirt – thrifted, brown maxi skirt by Emory Park and loafers by Spot On. Shirt by H&M, sleeveless blazer by H&M Divided, maxi skirts by ASOS Design, gloves by ASOS Design, rings by Pretty Little Thing and snakeskin heels by Queen Tina.

Shirt by H&M Divided, bralette by H&M, shorts by Vero Moda, bomber jacket by H&M Divided, socks by Alexander McQueen and snakeskin heels by Queen Tina. 

Shirt by Madewell, sheer dress by Zara, cami by H&M Divided, knickers by Primark, maxi coat by Miss Selfridge, belt by ASOS Design, socks by H&M and loafers by Spot On. Turtleneck by The Gap, slip dress by Primark, knickers by Primark, crop trench by Zara, heels by H&M and clock handbag by Angel Barcelo.

Shirt by H&M, pleated skirt by Primark, garter- vintage, knickers by Primark, coat by Zara, socks by H&M and heels by H&M.  Photography by Jemma Hansen, fashion by Rita DeNicuolo, Kaylee Wilson, Avery Boudreaux, Haili Bruckner & Madeline Harris, hair and make up by Yuanfan Yu and modeling by Caslean Wong.