Fashion Story: The Show

Jacket by Dries Von Noten, pants by Calvin Klein, bra by Saint Laurent, belt by Urban Outfitters, jewelry by Ishushushuiy and Ekolajwelry, shoes Stylist’s wardrobe.

Coat by Urban Code London, shorts: stylist’s own, bra by Ishushushuiy.

Coat by Dries Von Noten. Coat by Dries Von Noten, pants by & Other Stories, belt, bra,shoes stylist’s own, Jewelry by Ishushushuiy. Photography by Mila F, fashion by Zoé Xing, hair and make up by Shuman Yao, modeling by Amanda@wavemanegement, assistance by Fabio Corsatto and Jiaqi Xue, creative direction by Shuman Yao.