Fashion story: The Sound


Gilets by Malloni and Francesca Liberatore, leggings and underwear by Rosamosario, hairband and necklaces stylist’s own and Carla Perretti.


Leggings Rosamosario and shoes by Isola Marras.


Shirt by MSGM, pants by M Missoni, necklace, earings and belt stylist’s own, shoes by Malloni and bag by Valentino Boutique Archive.


Dress by Msgm, leggings by Rosamosario, top by Ter et Bantine, shoes by Isola Marras, necklace and earrings by Carla Perretti and fur stylist’s own.

Top by Isola Marras, cardigan by M Missoni, Necklaces by Carla Perretti and stylist’s own and vintage sunglasses by Christian Dior.


Scarves by Hache App, necklace by Carla Perretti, bi colour bag by Benedetta Bruzziches and bags by AB Apart.

Scarf by Misuraca, leggings by Rosamosario, shoes by Isola Marras and necklace by Carla Perretti.


Gilet and underwear by Rosamosario, shoes by Isola Marras, necklace by Carla Perretti.


Leggings by Rosamosario and shoes by Malloni.


Bra by Rosamosario, pants vintage, necklace by Carla Perretti, shoes by Malloni, necklaces and bracelets stylist’s own. Photography by Riccardo Bernardi, styling by Serena Toffetti, make up by Isabella Sabbioni@Freelancer-Milano, hair by Giordano Gallana and modeling by Svetlana Legun@Fashion-Milano.