Fashion Story: The Tones of the Earth

Trench by WEDU and boots by Bimba&Lola. Top by Georgiela Studio, trousers by Escorpion and earrings by THALATA.
Dress by Baro Lucas, hat by Jacquemus and boots by &other stories. Jacquet by Laura del Arco Design, dress by Bernarda and shoes by Bimba&Lola.
jacquet by Lorenzo Martínez, trousers by Acne Studios and earrings by Fernando Rodríguez. Overall by Olga Macía, hat by Kuerno Hats and earrings by Fernando Rodríguez. Photography by Javi Dardo, fashion by Noelia Álvarez, fashion assistance by Cris Latorre, hair and make up by Sara Cela and modeling by Bárbara Sánchez@Blow Models.