Fashion Story: Thieves of Hearts

Shirt by Dalpaos and trousers by Archivio. Coat by Calcaterra, shirt by Miahatami, socks by Clazedonia and shoes by Polly Plume.

Coat by Calcaterra. Coat by Massimo Alba, trousers by Miahatami and shoes by Twinset.

Hat by Elisabetta Franchi, jacket, shirt, pants by Twinset and shoes by Alysi. Coat by Calcaterra and shirt by Miahatami.

Shirt by Dalpaos. Sweater by Angelia Ami and skirt by Miahatami.
 Photography by Giuseppe Vaccaro, fashion by Giorgia Melis, art direction by Ivano Mansueto and Claudia Pasanisi, hair and makeup by Lorenzo Zavatta, production by Commonuncommon and modeling by Virag Vanya@BraveModels.