Fashion Story: Through The Marsh

Blouse by H&M, bomber jacket by H&M, culottes by Topshop, gumboots by Marina & Bandana by Zara.

Blazer by Topshop, jacket by Bacci da Setta, trousers by Topshop, socks by Topman, boots by Topshop and Silk scarf by Mango.

Dress by H&M, bomber jacket by H&M and Earrings by Orchid. Blouse by Topshop, silk scarf by French Connection and Earrings by Orchid.

Quilted jacket by Woolworths, blouse by Topshop, turtleneck by Woolworths, skirt by Woolworths, gumboots by Marina and earrings by Orchid.

Gumboots by Marina and socks by Boliviana. Top by H&M, dress by H&M, tights by Forever 21 and earrings by Orchid. Photography by Sven Kristian, fashion by Ceri Muller, hair and make-up by Inga Hewett and modeling by Alison@3D Model Management. Creative info: Sven Kristian, Ceri Muller, Inga Hewett and Alison.