Fashion Story: To the Moon

Hat by Alvaro Mars, Mono by Wedu and shoes by Cool.
Sweater by Aldo Martins, Blazer and pants by Loreine, dress by Sophíe and shoes by Mango. Coat by Demi Font, Fur Jaquet by Christopher Cane, Pants by Wedu and boots by Andrés Zurru.
Shirt by Andrés Zurru, sweater by Lorenzo Martinez, eyewear by Kaleos, pants by Ester Ferrando, poncho by Pablo Erroz and shoes by Cool. Hat by Pardo Hats, mono and sweater by Wedu.
Shirt and blazer by DemiFont, eyewear by Kaleos. Photography by Maria Marin, fashion by Clàudia Roca, hair and make up by Gloria Cullell and modeling by Martina@Blowmodels.