Fashion Story: Together

Dress by Clatural, skirt by St Stephanie Rens, too by Adolfo Sanchez, rings by Fly Me To The Spoon. Dress by 2Madison Avenue, dress by Simpla Athens, blazer by Soda & Kyo, rings by Fly To Me The Spooon, boots by Vince.
Dress by OTKUTYR, blazer by Stand Studio. Dress and suit by Mannat Gupta.
Dress by 2Madison Avenue, boots by Demeulemeester. Dress by All’s, blazer by Tri Collective, pants by YSL, top by Monzlapur, blazer by Salisa Salisa, earrings by Sigurd Kuusk. Photography by Maryna Vdovtsova, fashion by Anastasia Solovey, hair by Jason Linkow, make up by Daria Kruchinina, modeling by Hannah Hessel and Camille Bavera.