FASHION STORY: Transforming Principle

Photography by Janneke van der Hagen and fashion by Lara Verheijden. Click for details.



Dress by Magnus Dekker. Body by Esther Haamke.


Dress by Bas Kosters and top is stylist’s own. Shoes and body warmer by Esther Haamke, dress by Monki and cloves by Claes Iversen.


Pants model’s own and coat by Esther Haamke. Skirt by Avelon, dress and coat by Magnus Dekker, boots stylist’s own and bag by Monki.


Dress by Monki and bodywarmer by Esther Haamke. Jacket by Esther Haamke and hat by Eudia.


Jacket by Gijsje Ribbens and pants by Marga Weimans. Hat by Bas Kosters, suit by Esther Haamke, jacket by Magnus Dekker and boots are stylist’s own. Photography by Janneke van der Hagen, fashion by Lara Verheijden, hair and make up by Margot van Essen@House of Orange for LabelM and Clinique, modeling by Annemarie@Fresh Model Management, Lara, Liza@Ullamodels and Viljam. Fashion assistance by Amal Harhour.