Fashion Story: Transmisson

Suit by Toro Rewind, pants and shoes by Margiela. Tricots by Marin, Stussy and Kenzo, pants by Diesel, shoes by Prada and handbag by Toca.

Shirt by Handred, pants by Dod Alfaiataria, suit by Normando, tie by Dod alfaiataria, shoes by Margiela. Shirt by Balenciaga and shoes by Camper.

Shirt by Margiela, shorts by Studio Traça, pants vintage, shoes by Margiela and sunglasses by Balenciaga for Propus Group. Jacket by Yeezy x Gap, Inside jacket by Dod alfaiataria, Pants by Toca, Shoes by À La Garçonne and Sunglasses by Balenciaga. Photography by Eduardo Pedro, fashion by Danton Brando, hair by João Miranda, make up by João Miranda, modeling by Shadi@JoyMGMT and fashion assistantce by Matheus Guedes.