Fashion Story: Unsettling

Shirt by Soup Archive, top by Anna- Luiese Sinning, pink turtleneck and silver earring by Jules Rumpf and trousers by Florian Máthé. Coat by Florian Máthé, white top by Soup Archive and orange top by Jules Rumpf.

White shirt by Anna-Luiese Sinning, top by Soup Archive, trousers by Jakeyoung Shim and earring by In the presence of.

Blouse with single sleeve and beige trousers by Soup Archive, collar by Jakeyoung Shim, blue jacket by Anna-Luiese Sinning, belt by Jules Rumpf and earring by In the presence of.

Coat by Sadak, longsleeve top, dark blue sleeves and dark blue trousers by Anna-Luiese Sinning, pink top, golden earring, keychain and light yellow shoes by Jules Rumpf and top by Don Aretino.

Body by Florian Máthé and jacket by Don. Aretino.

Jacket by Sadak, yellow turtleneck and golden earring by Jules Rumpf. T-shirt by Soup Archive, top, yellow turtleneck and golden brooch by Jules Rumpf, green hat by Hieronymus. Photography by Lotte Thor, fashion by Juliane Rumpf, hair by Aidan Nee, makeup by Aysche Adawi and modeling by Smilla Herbst@Izaio management. Creative info: Lotte Thor and Juliane Rumpf.