Fashion Story: Urban City

Coat, top and belt by Stil Leven, jeans by Levis and boots by Calvin Klein. Coat by Stil Leven, blouse by Ralph Lauren and pants by COS.

Blazer, pants and pumps by Stil Leven and blouse by H&M. Blazer and shorts by Stil Leven and top by H&M.

Blazer by Stil Leven, blouse by H&M and hat by Mint&Berry. Blouse by H&M, shorts by Mango and loafers by Dr Martens.

Top by Nike, dress by H&M, jumpsuit by Arket and loafers by Dr Martens. Blouse by Stil Leven.

Coat by Stil Leven, pants by Dearhunter and pumps by Stil Leven. Coat, belt and top by Stil Leven. Photography by Robin Van Der Schaft, fashion by Silvia Slingerland, hair and makeup by Meltem Sahin and modeling by Maaike Straver@Micha Models, Women Ny, Women Paris, Monster, Select. Creative info: Robin Van Der Schaft and Meltem Sahin.