Fashion Story: We Will Stay Here Forever And Always


Dress by Michon Marigot Custom. Turtlenecks by topshop, berets by Tierre Taylor.

Jacket by Atelier Wonder, shorts by Michon Marigot and boots stylist own. Cape by Michon Marigot and skirt by Anthropologie.

Dress by Topshop. T-shirt by Topshop and ribbons stylist own.

Dresses by Michon Marigot.

Shirt vintage and necktie stylist own. Jacket by Atelier Wonder and dress stylist own.

Dress by Eliza Faulkner. Fur coat by Topshop, blazer by Topman, shirt by H&M and brooches by Carole Tanenbaum collection.

Coat by Michon Marigot, shirt by H&M, trousers by Topshop, shoes by Spring and necklace by Carole Tanenbaum collection. Denim jacket by Topshop, shirt by Levi´s, jeans by Free people Flared, beret by Tierre Taylor and all jewelry by Carole Tanenbaum collection. Jacket and skirt by Michon Marigot and flower headpiece stylist own.

Shirt and trousers by Lafaille. Jumpsuit by Topshop and fur by Michon Marigot.

Dress by Michon Marigot. Tank and turtleneck by American Apparel and trousers by Lafaille.

Dress by Michon Marigot. Trousers by Lafaille and all necklaces by Carole Tanenbaum collection. Photography by Justin Aranha, fashion by Nariman J, make up and hair Ashley Readings and modeling by Rachel, Nadiya and Fraser@Elite Toronto. Ty, Ben and Miriam@B&M, Jac and Hilary@Sutherland Toronto. Cohen@Elite Toronto and Amber@Anita Norris. Creative info: Justin Aranha, Nariman J and Ashley Readings.