Fashion Story: What Did You Learn?


Coat by Daniela Barros. Shorts by Mafalda Fonseca, backpack by Daniela Barros and shoes by Hugo Costa.

Dress by Estelita Mendonça. Top by Daniela Barros.

Clothes by Estelita Mendonça. Sweat by Luis Buchinho and pants by Teresa Abrunhosa.

Dress by João Melo Costa, sweat by Mafalda Fonseca and shoes by Daniela Barros. Coat and sweat by Hugo Costa.

Coat by Luis Buchinho, pants by Hugo Costa and shoes by Katty Xiomara. Clothes by Hugo Costa. Photography by Daniel Nunes, fashion by Estelita Mendonça and modeling by Constança Pina. Creative info: Daniel Nunes, Estelita Mendonça and Constança Pina.