Fashion Story: When I sleep I see you

Jumper by Huemn, skirt and gloves by The Source, shoes by Zara and socks by HM.
Top by Rimzim Dadu. Shirt by Ka Sha , coat by Dhruv Kapoor, Jeans by HM and shoes by Zara.
Jumper by Huemn, jeans by HM and shoes by Puma. Blouse by Huemn , Saari Locally sourced and shoes by Zara.
Dress by Dhruv kapoor and top by The Source.
Top by Huemn, dress by Rimzim Dadu, skirt by Dhruv Kapoor and shoes by Zara.
All clothes model’s own.
All clothes model’s own. Photography by Suraj Nongmaithem from Anima Creatives 
 fashion and Creative Direction by Anchal Notani from Inega, Grooming by Richa and Shradha from FatMu, Modelling by Mansi and Rahul from Anima Creatives, Mohan and Nandini.