Fashion Story: When It Turns

Turtleneck by Stella McCartney, top by Rave Review, jacket by Remake, trousers by Angelica Eichler, socks by Kappa, shoes by 2eme, rings by Celyn Gel, earrings by Just Africa and bag by Beck Söndergaard.

Top by AVAVAV, trousers by Blanche, vest by M Patmos and scarf by AVAVAV.

Dress by Scampi, vest by Angelica Eichler, top by AVAVAV, rings and earrings by Celyn Gel and bikini by Weekday.

Top by Blanche, kimono by Ewa Larsson, trousers by Blanche and shoes by Veja.

Jacket by Angelica Eichler, T-shirt by WoodWood, shirt by Studio Jux, trousers by Kings of Indigo, earrings by Celyn Gel, belt by Venczel and rings by Celyn Gel.

T-shirt by Woodwood, top by Skall Studio, trousers by Fonnesbech, kimono by Ewa Larsson, jacket by AVAVAV and shoes by Veja.

Shirt by AVAVAV, trousers by Rave Review, shoes by 2eme, vest by Angelica Eichler, socks by Weekday, jacket by Remake, earrings by Just Africa and belt by AVAVAV.

Dress by AVAVAV, stockings by Falke, jacket by AVAVAV and rings by All Blues. Photography by Magnus Magnusson, fashion by Robert Rydberg, makeup by Anya de Tobon, hair by Josefin Gligic, cinemaphotography by Anton Olin, fashion assistance by Anna Sundeling and Sara Jeminen, modeling by Sunna@Stockholmsgruppen and Fedola@MP Stockholm. Creative info: Magnus Magnusson, Robert Rydberg, Anya de Tobon, Josefin Gligic and Anton Olin.