Fashion Story: When We Were In Your Dreams


Jumper by Pat Guzik and leather trousers by Michał Mrzygłód. Coat by KOPI and collar by Balmain for H&M.

Jumper by Odio & Pieczarkowski. Top by H&M, pants by Anna Pogudz, silver boots by Saint Laurent, turtleneck blouse by Kaaskas and pants by Michał Mrzygłód.

Jacket by Katarzyna Górecka. Fur coat by Michał Mrzygłód and scarf by Kaaskas.

Coat by KOPI and collar by Balmain for H&M. Coat by Michał Mrzygłód, scarf by Kaaskas and blouse by Confashion.

Turtleneck by Michał Mrzygłód.

Top by H&M, trousers by Anna Pogudz and boots by Saint Laurent. Turtleneck blouse by Kaaskas and custom made earrings. Photography by Joanna Wzorek, fashion by Michal Koszek, set design by Przemek Rylko, photography assistance by Sandy and Chris and modeling by Karolina Slysz@D’Vision Model@ and Marysia@United4Models@. Creative info: Joanna Wzorek and Michal Koszek.