Fashion Story: Wild Things

Sweater by Bilulu by Lucrezia Moro, dress and baklava by Mew Colors by Chiara di Costanzo, jewellery by Flaminia Barosini and shoes stylist’s archive. 

Sweater by Federica Betelli, trousers by Cocoon by Lucrezia de Filippis & Cristian Brisigott, jewellery by Flaminia Barosini, shoes stylist’s archive.

Top by Federica Betelli, trousers by Agonia Lab by Rebecca Bertolasi.

Total look by Andrea Principia. Photography by Alessia Pittaccio, fashion by Veronica Porrino, hair and make up by Carla Martino, stylist’s assistance by Francesca Macioni, modeling by Iolanta Yuryevna Shibaeva@thelabmodels.