Fashion Story: Yes, Very Spiritual


Scarf as headpiece by Summum, top by &Other Stories, trousers by Jutka&Riska, socks by Monki and sandalettes by Zara.

Head by Calvin Klein, sweater by Maryme-Jimmypaul and fanny pack stylists own/vintage. Bustier top by American Apparel, chain cincture by H&M, latex skirt by Maryme- Jimmypaul, socks by Monki and sandalettes by Zara.

Faux fur coat by Modström, blouse by Tommy Hilfiger and necklaces by H&M.

Faux fur coat by Maryme- Jimmypaul, latex miniskirt by Maryme- Jimmypaul and socks by Monki. Body by Jutka&Riska and faux fur skirt, stylists own design.

Coat by Justka&Riska, blazer by Escada vintage, top as skirt by Bas Kosters, socks by Monki and sandalettes by Zara.

Top by Maryme- Jimmypaul, dress by American Apparel, socks by Monki and slides by Zara. Top by Nobodyhastoknow. Photography by Emil Pabon, fashion by Herr Hitpass, make up by Cynthia Schippers@house of oranges and modeling by Cato Benschop@Bloom Management. Creative info: Emil Pabon, Herr Hitpass and Cynthia Schippers.