Fashion Story: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Skirt by ayâme and gloves by Maison Margiela. Dress by YOHEI OHNO and top by 5-knot.

Top by Rekisami and gloves by Yohei Ohno. Jacket by Chika Kisada, pants by Acne Studios and gloves by 5-knot.

Jacket and pants by 1/2 Un-Demi, bag and shoes by 5-knot. Top by 1/2 Un-Demi, pants by Yohei Ohno and gloves by 5-knot.
 Photography by Kaho Okazaki, fashion by Hiromi Nakamoto, hair and makeup by Yosuke Nakajima and modeling by Kendall Elena@Bravo Models. Creative info: Kaho Okazaki, Hiromi Nakamoto and Yosuke Nakajima.