Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

Photography by Aldona Karczmarczyk, fashion by Paweł Kędzierski, hair by Adrian Własiuk, make up by Aga Wilk and modeling by Zodia@Model Plus. Retouch by Dominik Herman.
Photography by Christina Fragkou and Natalie Wra, fashion by Anthony Hinrichsen and Armand Dicker. modeling by Sethu and Chad-lee@Twenty Model Management.
Photography by Alex Hutchinson, fashion by Amy Simmons, hair by Chloe Sandoz, make up by Nicki Buglewicz, modeling by Nikola Lubowicz and assistance by Andrew Rankin.
Photography and styling by Alena Yarysh. Modeling by sonirotaru @selectivemanagement.
Photography by Alexandra Cepeda, Fashion by Alejandra de Miguel, Fashion assistance by Mateo Gargallo, modeling by Irene, Roju, Ian, and Jou.
Photography by Della Li, fashion by Chiyee, hair and make up by Xinyi and modeling by Masha A@urbnmilano.
Photography by Davide Corona, Fashion by Sarah Corcoran, Makeup by Niall Durack, Hair by Jake Ryan and modelling by Caoilainn@ NotAnother and Irina@ Rós Model Management.
Photography by David Quesada, fashion by Acuarela Beard, collages by Julen Iztueta, make up by Ema Manikaite and modeling by Elija Uksaite.
Photography by Daniel Roché, Fashion by Kalle Hildinger and Sascha Gaugel, modeling by Tasha Malek @m4models, postproduction by Nitty Gritty Berlin.
Photography by Elena Kuznetsova, fashion by Kimmi ade, hair and make up by Teri Tomsett@oneleague_agency and modeling by Lebone@myfriendned.
Photography by Francesco Confalone, fashion by Luca Piscitelli, hair by Nicolas Selvo, make up by Raffaella Fiore and modeling by Silvia Caldarola@Fashion model management. Assistance by Vito Lauciello.
Photography by Evgenya Kayumova, fashion by Natalia Valkonskaya, modeling by Nyasha and Veronica
Photography by Erika Banchio, fashion by Veronika Dronova, hair and make up by Gloria Cortigiani and modeling by Milena Podda@thelabmodels.
Photography and fashion by Eléonor Delécluse and modeling by Manon Riez.
Photography by David Quesada, Fashion by Gisela Castells, hair and make up by Juan Urenha using I.C.O.N products. Modeling by Maria Kudry@Blowmodels and photographer’s assistance by Elisabet Encina.
Photography by Hyunwoo Min, fashion by Seongbeom Kim, hair by Gabe Sin, make up by Eunjuu yuu, modeling by Hoilyn Jung, Hyejeong Lee, photographer’s assistance by Youhyeon Lee, Jimyung Kim, fashion assistance by Jisoo Kim and Daehyun Choi.
Photography by Hermione Russell, fashion by Brendan Arekhi, assistant designer and production by Rebecca Pollan Turner, modeling by Sonny Crowden and Leonie Gebhardt.
Photography by Helena Lu, fashion by Makenzie McBride, hair and make up by Anna Kato and modeling by Ellie Christen@ Freedommodelsla.
Photography by Hef Prentice, styling and modeling by Melanie Santox, make up by Juni Rib and 3D art by BB Motion.
Photography by Rocío Mascayano, fashion by Ian Walton, hair and make up by Macarena Núñez and modeling by Olga Obumova.
Photography by Jaap Strijker, fashion by Kelly Staa hair and make up by Norien Voskuilen, Collages by Nicole van der Aa, modeling by Noah@republic_men.
Photography by Ivan Filiushin, fashion by Anna Guseva, hair by Elina Sarkeeva, make up by Yana Kavalerchik, modeling by Veronika@genom.model. fashion assistance by Anastasia Klinovaya.
Photography by Isaac Calpe, fashion by Marta Morillas, make up by Rocio Mendoza, modeling by lolita , marina and sonja@Blow Models. Special Thanks to Blend BCN Showroom.
Photography by Jeongwoo Park, fashion by Subin Lee, hair and make up by Yongjin Cho and modeling by Minyoung Jang.
Photography and fashion by Juanjo Marbai, hair and make up by Teresa Gutierrez and modeling by George Steane @UNOmodels.
Photography by Jordan Drysdale, fashion by Kate Gaskin, hair and make up by Georgia Ramman, florist by Hattie Molloy and modeling by Coco@Pride Models.
Photography by Jimena Nahon, fashion by Vanesa Mogno, hair and make up by Jazmin Calcarami with Mac Cosmetics for Kabuki Makeup School, food artist by Anna Keville Joyce, video by Steve Thayalan, assistance by by Fadua Sulheir, Juana Iribarren, Violeta Murphy, Macarena Gutiérrez, Gina Catanese and Alejandra Kuktosky.
Photography by Jiajia Tan and fashion by Timami Yestha Pramesi, Hair by Seita Oyama, Make up by Kennedy Cutter, Modelling by Grace and Hope Fly@thehivemodels. Stylist Assistance by Firda Amelia and Yve Lu. Thanks to Fashion Crossover London and Hundred Showroom.
Photography by Karla Hiraldo Voleau, fashion by Sara Maria Perilli, make up and hair by Juliette Lamy, modeling by Yvon @onewavemanagement and Zacharie.
Photography by Lotte Schriek, fashion by Amber van Strien, hair and make up by Isabeau Ottevanger and modeling by Conor Walmsley@The fashion composers agency.
Photography and fashion by Laila Aliena Eby. Modeling by Maella Orelle Komon
Photography by Artem Kiyashqo, fashion by Elvira Alimbekova, hair and make up by Natalia Kuznetsova, modeling by Karina Tsoy and Marina. Fashion assistance by NataliSmirnova and production by KarinaTsoy.
Photography by Kimberly Goedhart, fashion and modeling by Prabhleen Kaur.
Photography by Lotte Schriek, fashion by Asmae el Ouariachi, hair and make up by Isabeau Ottevanger, modeling by May@Solid Model Management.
Photography by Melanie Rodriguez, fashion by Clara Dayet and modeling by Agnes@Stockholms Gruppen.
Photography by Maya Geier, fashion by Gal Benjamin, hair and make up by Qamai and modeling by Natalie Amosi@ Draft agency.
Photography by Maud Chalard, fashion by Anais Kevorkian, hair by Barthelemy Joris, make up by Jade Berrocal and modeling by Angie@ GIRL Management. Fashion assistance by Minhia Defoy and Valentina.
Photography by Matković & Vild, fashion by Ana Nikačević, hair by Matej Tonković, make up by Petra Sever and modeling by Ema Galogaza @Relatum model management.
Photography by Maria Martinez, fashion by Julieta Zapata, grooming by La Concha Studio, modeling by ruben@mixtarubn and alex @alexgelde @ciaomodels.
Photography by Malkiella Benchabat, fashion by Anna Levdev, hair by Inbal Shumer, make up by Aleen Uzdemir and Shahaf Dotan. Modeling by May Shvaytser, Dana Toder, Talia Lipshut and Chen Sevhat@Draft Management. Photographer’s assistance by Michal Goor and fashion assistance by Julie Gouaze.
Photography and fashion by Magnus Magnusson, hair and make up by Elvira Brandt and modeling by Mavaro@Select Management.
Photography by Magnus Magnusson, Styling by Hilda Sandström, Hair and makeup by Martin Sundqvist, Modeling by Fia Ljungström@Nisch Management. Stylist assistance by Jennifer Kronqvist Ericson and Sofia Nellmer.
Photography by Lou Verschueren, photography assistance by Anne Sophie Guillet, make up by Laura Boegborn @Studio Paloma Beauty, hair by Verlaine Limbombè @VRLN Beauty studio and modeling by Kenia, Anisha, Raissa@Flag Models, Nathan@The Agent.
Photography by Mihir Thakkar, Fashion by Olesia Romanova, and modeling by Lexy and Lainey @Next Management.
Photography by Sun Choi, styling and modeling by Sungbin Eileen Hung.
Photography by Shenyu Li, fashion by Shion, art by Treize, hair by FuZai, make up by Freya Ni and modeling by Reli.
Photography and fashion by Rossi&Blake. Modeling by Dais@jillmodelmanagement. Thanks to Stadscamping Schoonhoven the Netherlands.
Photography by Robert Perez, fashion by Esmae Duran, make up by Odilis Trinidad and modeling by Helen Albornoz @State Management.
Photography by Ritika Shah and Fashion by Aaditya Walia. Photography by Ritika Shah and Fashion by Aaditya Walia. Hair by Nitin Sankla, make up by Banny Chaudhary, modeling by Theresa Nabam at Blunt Creatives and Ikisvon Jamang at A little fly.
Photography by Randy Tran, fashion by Soaree Cohen, grooming by Wendy Martinez and modeling by Paris@Wilhelmina LA.
Photography by Natasha Maritz, fashion by Yasmin Schrueder, make up by Anette Wirtz and modeling by Napari and Alex @The Management.
Photography by NanHe, fashion by Lao Pei, hair by Yiilin, make up by Rally Wong, modeling by Zhou@PAraS. Photographer’s assistance by Xiao Le.
Photography by Patricio Pomares, fashion by Chiara Legittimo, art direction by Miriam Serrano, hair and make up by Lara Güell and modeling by lisa han.
Photography by Takeshi Kawanaka, fashion by Yuko ,make up by Kana Setoyama, hair Kana Setoyama and modeling by Saki@SOS Models
Photography by Shay Cohen Arb, fashion by Zohar Meiri, hair and make up by Sapir Sabag and modeling by Ariel Halevy for Randy by Rotem and Roberto Agency.
Photography and post production by Zhenya Brodskaya, fashion by Yulia Mukhoid, make up by Vadym Kravchenko, hair by Lyalya Mudrak, set design by Liza Gamsheeva, modeling by Bogdana@Kmodels, production by Samson Brodsky.
Photography by Yulia Plakhotnikova, fashion by Anastasia Abdulina, hair and make up by Dasha Mai and modeling by Varvara Makarova. Produced by Moonface production.
Photography and Fashion by Yugean Jhung, Assistance by Yeji Kim and Modeling by Doyun Ha.
Photography by Yin Aien, fashion by Arona Aier, make up by Yin Aien, Retouched and edited by Angus Guite, modeling by Ivana.
Photography by Wei Wei Chen, fashion by Tzu Yi Chuang and Chen Xi Zhang, hair and make up by Yuwei Liu, modeling by Viva Lu, assistance by Carol Liu and Tzu Xi Chuang. Special thanks to Kew.
Photography by Viktoria Roy, fashion by Yana Klimenko, modeling by Dasha Polagnyu and assistance by Diana Sazonova.
Photography and fashion by Vaini Brown, modeling and make up by @la.lia and @alona_ver.
Photography by Rebecca-Marian Irene, Fashion by Tory Price and Stefania Gertis and modeling by Nathan Monte.