Interview. Meet Stylist Christopher Insulander

Our fashion editor Christopher Insulander has taken the fashion scene in his native Sweden by storm. Right now he is working on the next print issue of Contributor Magazine.

Tell us about your ”aura” story in our latest issue.

Mayhem! The lady who owns the new age shop in Stockholm was in for a real treat when all of us, plus a baby stroller, came whirlwinding in among crystals, incense and tarot decks. Cheeseburgers, kaftans and eyeliner all over the place while I was trying to make the most out of the 1,5 megapixel webcam we shot the story with. The day after my bathroom sink was broken and I had dry shampoo and chrome paint all over my face.


Frida Gustavsson for Contributor issue number three. Photography by Thomas Klementsson.

Could you describe how you have become the stylist you are?

Well, I was fortunate enough to meet superdupergalavip-stylist Robert Rydberg who for some reason thought that I would be a good assistant. He took me in and I started to pay in sweat, laughter and love. Four years (and a lot of getting shoes, tech-support and returning samples) later it was time for a tearbreaking, heartbreaking, not good bye, but “I’m off on my own now” (insert the sad walking away music from “The Hulk”).

What do you think is most important in making a great picture happen?

Believing in the world and the characters you’re trying to create. And believing in yourself, and taking the piss out of oneself.


Colourful gothic kids from the second issue of Contributor. Photography by Linnea Sjoberg. The fashion Editor himself, Christopher Insulander.

What do you look for in clothing when you want it to fit in with your universe?

I look for clothes that either complies or completely differs with all the non-clothes I find, everything sold on rolls, all the “take three pay for one offers”, the dumpsterfinds and hats made when its easier to make a hat of all the garbage at home instead of actually taking out the trash.

You don´t seem to copy, your styling is always very original. What is your secret?

Is this a trick question?

But you obviously have a gift for bringing out the unexpected in fashion styling. Is it a conscious choice?

Unconscious consciousness? Think of it as a form of tourettes syndrome or ADD. Or a kid locked in a Black and Decker surplus store over night.

What kind of fashion taboos do you love breaking?

Actually saying a truthful “yes” when people call you up at seven in the morning and they by routine ask a rhetorical “did I wake you?” *Enter weird silence in the early morning conversations*


Model Johanna R from the fourth issue of Contributor. Photography by Linnea Sjoberg.

Are there any fashion clichés that you really hate?

That mules would be atrocious and that fashion must be ridic-expensive to be interesting.

You have a remarkable personal style. How would you describe it?

Airy and nice in the summer, not safe for flying and terribly cold during winter.

I also have to mention your large collection of tattoos. Are there any interesting stories behind them?

They can be quite amusing at airports (as can my clothes… ) : Flying home from Bahamas in the security check I got asked to strip down to my underwear, the guard asked me if I had seen the movie “Memento”. I looked all over my body and answered, “I don’t remember”. He didn’t get it…

Midsummer is upon us and I guess you are going to dress up for that romantic occasion. Do you have a costume?

Costumes? Is that how we celebrate? Last year I celebrated midsummer at the bar inside of the metro station by the Stockholm suburb Skärholmen. I´ll be wearing my birthday suit for the traditional midnight swim.


Linus taken from the fifth issue of Contributor. Aura photographs from the fifth issue of Contributor. Questions asked by Antonia Nessen.