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Photography by Magnus Magnusson, Styling by Robert Rydberg, Modeling by Hana Jirickova at Silent, Hair by Karolina Liedberg at Link Details Using Less is More, Make Up by Josefina Zarmén at Link Details Using RMS Beauty, Photographer’s Assistant by Niklas Marklund, Stylist’s Assistants by Hilda Sandstöm and Anna Sundelin.

Text by Maria Ben Saad and Photography by Anders Edström.

Photography by Ruben Östlund, Styling by Sofie Krunegård. Modeling by Elisabeth Moss and Claes Bang. Hair and Make-Up by Erika Spetzig, Set Design by Josefin Esberg.

Photography by Camilla Åkrans and Styling by Robert Rydberg. Modeling by Ella Wennström at Elite Models. Make Up Ignacio Alonso at Link Details, Hair by Ali Pirzadeh at CLM. Photographer assistance by Hinke Tovle, Rikard Lilja and Richard Ortega. Styling assistance by Hilda Sandström and Anna Sundelin.



Pamela Anderson photographed by Daniella Midenge, Styling by Martina Nilsson, Make up by Jo Baker at Forward Artists, Hair by Paco Garrigues at Forward Artists.



Photography by Anders Edström.

Photography by Magnus Magnusson and Styling by Robert Rydberg. Hair by Karolina Liedberg at Link Details Using Less is More, Make Up by Josefina Zarmén at Link Details Using RMS Beauty.

Introducing the latest issue of Contributor featuring cover star Pamela Anderson. Ever since she entered the pop culture sphere, she has been tirelessly using her celebrity to fight for issues dear to her. “Activism is sexy,” she says. “Having a meaningful sensual life means caring for others.” In our twelfth print issue we focus on sustainability and delve into the theme of ‘nature as culture’ through the art and photography of Anders Edström, Camilla Åkrans, Ruben Östlund, Daniella Midenge, Nina Andersson, Pakui Hardware, Jenna Sutela, Emile de Visscher, Magnus Magnusson and many more. With great writing from Maria Ben Saad, Bradley Quinn, Mathilda Tham, Philippe Pourhashemi, Marco Pecorari, Stefanie Hessler, William Van Meter, Jon Asp amongst others.

As for the fashion in this issue, editor-in-chief Robert Rydberg and his teams asked themselves: where are the clothes? In recognition of the desperate situation we find ourselves in, we started out with the intention to make the most organic, PETA-approved and sustainable editorials possible for this issue. The work process was the same as with any other photo shoot done in the past. We contacted international companies committed to these issues. But to our great surprise most brands don’t put their money where their mouths are. Even though the following editorials are an attempt to be as eco-friendly as possible, we were forced to bend every rule to make the looks complete. We used vintage leather, organic cotton produced far from the location where we shot the stories, fabrics that were locally made but weren’t organic, and fabrics that were fair trade but not organic and so on. Customers want to dress organic.

The creative industry wants to work with organic products. But the commercial world producing the clothes isn’t working hard enough on the transition to sustainability. There is a lot of green washing going on. Many brands are eager to promote their policies as environmentally friendly, however they should be dealing with the real problems surrounding the production conditions instead. Hopefully we won’t even have to separate between what is organic and what is not in the future, when all textile production has to answer to the environmentally friendly norm. In the meantime, buy less and with greater care, support designers who are respecting the climate – we all know what steps to take, and we’re all hypocrites, but now is the time to act.

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