Photography by Fredrik Skogkvist and fashion by Robert Rydberg

White shirt by Dries van Noten, rings by Fleischer Werner and black shirt by Oscar Jacobsson. Headscarf by
 & Other Stories.

White shirt by Dressman, headscarf by Dailyroutine and shirt by Johannes Adele.

Coat by Dries van Noten, womens shirt by La Prestic Ouiston, neckpiece by Stylist Studio, headscarf by Emma Fällman Studio, chains by MM6, trunks by Speedos, handkerchiefs and pocket scarves by Alexander McQueen. Vest by Dries van Noten, net top by Carmen March, handkerchiefs by Christian Dior, leggings by by Malene Birger, trunks by Speedo, silver necklace, here as belt by MM6, patterned belt by Hope,
at rings by Fleischer Werner, silver ring by MM6, vest by Dries van Noten and leggings by Veronique Leroy.

Coat by Dries van Noten, headscarf by Christian Dior, trunks
by Speedos, handkerchiefs by Alexander McQueen and necklace by Lutz Huelle, top by Joonas Karumaa, vest by Balmain, trousers by Dries van Noten and scarves by Christian Dior. Photography by Fredrik Skogkvist and fashion by Robert Rydberg. Hair by Karolina Liedberg@Link Details, make up by Josefina Zarmén@Link Details, fashion assistance by Anna Sundelin and Martina Axtelius, casting by Johanna Ljunggren and modeling by Fredrik E and Joseph C@Nisch Management. Thanks to Detoxlife for catering. Creative info: Fredrik Skogkvist, Robert Rydberg, Karolina Liedberg and Josefina Zarmén.