Q&A: Natasa V by Yu Tsai

Meet one of the most interesting top models of the recent decade in this exclusive feature. Her stunning face and androgynous look have made her one of fashion’s most eye-catching stars. Natasa left Bosnia for the US in the early 90s. Her modeling career took off in fall 1999 when she made her debut appearance at the Balenciaga show in Paris.

Interview with New York-based beauty Natasa Vojnovic by photographer Yu Tsai.

Q : You have worked with all the top photographers, who made the most impact on you as a model ?

A : The photographers that want to work with me are usually the ones who appreciate
what I have to give. I find that these are the photographers who have the
courage of their craft, and want to challenge the profession and medium, as I
do. All of these photographers have made an impact on me, for they are the
braver ones.

Q : I am sure you have traveled all over the world. Is there a place you have yet to visit and
would like to?

A : I would like to visit an undiscovered country, and put it on the map. I’m an explorer at heart.


Q : What do you think attributes to your longevity as a model?

A: Constant change.

Q : How do you describe your personal style?

A: Jeans and t-shirt.


Q : What are your biggest regrets in your modeling journey?

A: I have one regret: not being born conscious.

Q : How would you describe yourself to a blind person?

A: I would ask her or him to touch me.

Q : What is one perception that people think of you that you would like to change?

A : The perception I would like to change is that there is anything, commercial or otherwise, that I
cannot do. I can do anything.


Q : Please share with the readers one positive and one negative thing about the fashion or the
modeling business.

A : Fashion is as elusive as a dream that can turn into a nightmare- if you let it.

Q : At this moment in your life, what are you most passionate about?

A: I am writing a book on fashion, and the passion is mounting. But I am keeping it
measured, so that I don’t expire prematurely.