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  • Jasmin Storch and Christopher Insulander. Reflections.

    From Our Latest Issue. Photography by Jasmin Storch and styling by Christopher Insulander.

  • The New Issue of Contributor Is a Box of Reflections

    The New Issue of Contributor Is a Box of Reflections. Inside Contributor’s Box of Reflections, you’ll find a collection of eighty prints in three different sizes and one poster. Also available is a limited edition of twenty copies of the box, each including one signed and numbered print from our two cover stories. Signed by the photographer Magnus Magnusson, the C-prints come in the size 30 x 20 cm. Contributor’s Box of Reflections is a true collector’s item. If you’re interested in the limited edition of twenty copies, please e-mail us as

  • Stockholm Fashion Week F/W 17

    Photography by Elina Meuller. Naim Josefi and Busnel styled by Editor in Chief Robert Rydberg and Emelie Janrell styled by fashion editor Christopher Insulander.

  • Fashion Story: Sold on solitaire

    Photography by Jasmin Storch and fashion by Christopher Insulander.

  • Out Now! The Latest Issue of Contributor Available

    Our latest print issue is now available for purchase online.

  • From Our Latest Issue: Where We Lay

    Photography by Jasmin Storch and fashion by Christopher Insulander.

  • Out Now! Our New Print Issue of Contributor is here

    The theme that runs through our latest print issue is CASTING AND COLLECTIONS. Both are central concepts in fashion. The mechanism behind changes in fashion can be compared to a kaleidoscope. Unreliable pieces of clothing are always in flight, ready to become something else. The key to taking hold of these fleeting moments is usually to look at a designer’s handiwork in detail from collection to collection, since clothing derives its consistency from its role as part of a series. Other paths to finding a narrative in fashion are through styling or photography. Patterns seen through the fashion kaleidoscope can, however, easily be freed of their current meaning. After giving it a few violent shakes, they can go from being interpreted as frivolous to provocative and offensive, by rearranging the compositions and shaping themselves into different meanings. By using the kaleidoscope as a metaphor for fashion in this issue entitled CASTING AND COLLECTIONS, we look back at the modernist writers of the early twentieth century who frequently returned to the image of the optical instrument in their writings. When describing the modern experience in “Arcades Project,” Walter Benjamin for one, writes that: “Every age unavoidably seems to itself a new age. The ‘modern,’ however, is as varied in its meaning as the different aspects of one and the same kaleidoscope.

  • Posters from Our Latest Issue: We look at House of Dagmar

    When House of Dagmar re-launched ten of their most gorgeous spring dresses from the past made of knitted lace, silk chiffon and jersey, Contributor Magazine took the opportunity to shoot an army of beautiful models in the collection named “Ten Dresses” for our latest issue which also happens to be number ten. In 2015 Dagmar celebrates ten years as a fashion house and the brand has since its foundation by the three sisters Karin Soderlind, Kristina Tjader and Sofia Wallenstam (with their late grandmother as a muse) become internationally known for its beautifully effortless and bright style that is sexy without trying. The Anniversary Collection is made in a limited and numbered edition and is available at Dagmar’s resellers and on House of Dagmar’s webshop.

  • Flipping through the Death Issue from Contributor Magazine

    Flipping through the Death Issue from Contributor Magazine

    In the tenth issue of Contributor Magazine we explore the theme of death (included in the magazine are six posters to put on the wall) through the art and photography of contributors Camilla Akrans, Noomi Rapace, Bill Skarsgard and many more.

  • Issue 10: Too weird to live, too rare to die

    Fashion editor Christopher Insulander teamed up with eight photographers and artists to create this story for our latest issue around the theme of death. The tenth issue of Contributor Magazine will soon be available online and in stores worldwide.