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  • Video: Unwilling/Not Able

    The new video from the band Holiday For Strings. Directed by Daniel Eskils.

  • In front of us: Temper Trap

    In front of us: Temper Trap

    Director Daniel Eskils new video for Temper Trap feature experimental installations inspired by artist Roman Signer. “I wanted to create explosive creations made with simple means and few objects. What you see is a drumstick catapult, a mirror cracked by a guitar and a drum caught on fire,” Daniel says.

  • Daniel Eskils: Kendi

    The film is shoot in Atlantic City. I’ve always wanted to go there because everyone seems to think it’s the most dystopian place on earth. It’s only a two hour drive from New York and I wanted to see Baltimore as well which is just a bit further down. I imagined those two places would enrich me with a broader and maybe a more accurate view of the U.S than the parts of the big cities I’ve seen so far. There is also a vast number of films made about Las Vegas but very few about Atlantic City. I rented Louis Malles Atlantic City starring Burt Lancaster and Susan Sarandon and Owning Mahowny with Philip Seymour Hoffman to see if they could tell me more about it. This film isn’t a depiction of the city or its people, its more an attempt of showing the traction I felt to it even when you take away all the people, the gambling and the casinos. The film stars my dear friend James Kendi. He wears clothes from his own New York based label Kendi.

  • Daniel Eskils, Filmmaker

    Heading to Atlantic City with Kendi, a Contributor exclusive from filmmaker Daniel Eskils.