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  • Do or die. Interview and Cover Story with Noomi Rapace

    Read the interview for our anniversary issue with one of the actresses getting the most interesting parts in international movies right now. To no one’s surprise, as she’s become known for her hard work developing her characters. If the background story isn’t comprehensive enough, she’ll develop or create her own stories. The women she portrays can be fragile, broken and scarred, but when Noomi embodies them they are never reduced to victims. Photography by Camilla Akrans, fashion by editor-in-chief Robert Rydberg and interview by Antonia Nessen.

  • Out Now! Introducing the Latest Issue of Contributor

    In the tenth print issue of Contributor Magazine we explore the theme of death (included in the magazine are six posters to put on the wall) through the art and photography of contributors Camilla Akrans, Noomi Rapace, Bill Skarsgard and many more.