Tag: Nina Andersson

  • Fashion Story: Giving Me Space

    From our 10 year anniversary issue. Photography by Nina Andersson and fashion by Lovisa Ingman.

  • Fashion Story: Caroline

    Photography by Nina Andersson Voigt and fashion by Lovisa Ingman.

  • In The Eye Of The Camera: Nina Andersson

    In our latest print issue, entitled Nature as Culture, photographer Nina Andersson and stylist Nicole Walker visualized our chapters and a selection of essays.

  • Fashion Story: Threes Outside The Academy

    Photography by Nina Andersson and modeling by Moa Wikander.

  • Fashion Story: Seven Sisters

    Photography by Nina Andersson. Fashion by Lisa Sundström and Josephine Bergqvist.

  • Out Now! Our New Print Issue of Contributor is here

    The theme that runs through our latest print issue is CASTING AND COLLECTIONS. Both are central concepts in fashion. The mechanism behind changes in fashion can be compared to a kaleidoscope. Unreliable pieces of clothing are always in flight, ready to become something else. The key to taking hold of these fleeting moments is usually to look at a designer’s handiwork in detail from collection to collection, since clothing derives its consistency from its role as part of a series. Other paths to finding a narrative in fashion are through styling or photography. Patterns seen through the fashion kaleidoscope can, however, easily be freed of their current meaning. After giving it a few violent shakes, they can go from being interpreted as frivolous to provocative and offensive, by rearranging the compositions and shaping themselves into different meanings. By using the kaleidoscope as a metaphor for fashion in this issue entitled CASTING AND COLLECTIONS, we look back at the modernist writers of the early twentieth century who frequently returned to the image of the optical instrument in their writings. When describing the modern experience in “Arcades Project,” Walter Benjamin for one, writes that: “Every age unavoidably seems to itself a new age. The ‘modern,’ however, is as varied in its meaning as the different aspects of one and the same kaleidoscope.

  • Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

    We here at Contributor wish you all a magical happy new year. See you around in 2016.

  • Fashion Story: The Sugar Canes

    Photography by Nina Andersson.

  • Fashion Story: Thursday At Three o’clock

    Photography by Nina Andersson and fashion by Amanda Johansson.

  • Fashion Story: Linnea The Cat and Jaana

    Linnea Rimberg and Jaana Alakoski photographed by Nina Andersson.