A guide to Instant Beauty

A guide to Instant Beauty

Are you like me, want to eat your cake and keep it too? One part of you wants that fierce body, sharp mind and eternal youth. But the other part craves decadence, rock and rave, late nights and early mornings.

By Johanna Ljunggren

Maybe we are hedonists who strive to maximize our pleasures. It’s ancient, nothing new, but in modern times we obviously have better access to remedies that minimize the pain. So, if you have a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other, do you have to make a choice between them?

Pleasure is exciting. Happiness is transcendent. More importantly, pleasure is dopamine. And happiness is serotonin. So why do we always go for the quick fix, take the easy way out when in the long run it brings us nothing but unhappiness? Are we addicted to the game?

The race to keep both ends burning blurs out the last drop of common sense we have left. But we do it over and over again just as surprised every time life comes back and bitch slaps us in the face. We gain 10 pounds, money stops rolling in and our loved ones leave us.

But if there is a vice there is also a cure. Let me introduce you to my fixes for a “bipolar” lifestyle.

1. Feeling bloated, too much red wine?

Is your face looking all puffy? Mix lemon juice, agave syrup, and cayenne pepper and cool clean water. Pour it into a bottle. Drink it all day long and your body will clean itself from all that extra water and alcohol. Sweet strong lemonade is used by many movie stars to get into shape quickly. Then some Bikram yoga to tone that dehydrated body of yours. Sweat out all those toxins and you will soon see a muscular shape.

2. Low on serotonin?

Feeling low? Is it one of those days when you look at yourself in the mirror and get the mean reds? Take this: 5-htp. 5-Hydroxytryptophan is an amino acid that is the intermediate step between tryptophan and the important brain chemical serotonin. Your serotonin levels regulate your mood, appetite, and sleep. 5-htp is a dietary supplement used for depression and a good natural sleep aid. It levels out all that anxiety without contributing to more toxins in your body. Why be sad when it’s so easy to be happy.

3. Not horny enough?

Maca, Latin name Lepidium meyenii, is the trick to boosting you libido and keeping you going all night. It’s a root vegetable that has been used by natives of South America for two thousand years. The maca powder increases energy levels, decreases anxiety and improves sexual desire. It has also been shown to improve sperm production, sperm motility and semen volume. Take some red berries, maca powder, agave nectar, banana, avocado, clean water, coconut water and virgin coconut oil and mix it all in a mixer till smooth and soft. Drink it and enjoy quality time with someone you like.

4. Feeling old and vintage in a bad way?

Mix MSM powder in your morning smoothie. This powder helps the body absorb nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. It’s found in the sea, rainwater and in various foods, and helps our bodies manufacture enzymes, antibodies, glutathione, and connective tissue as well as creatine, collagen and elastin. MSM helps build strong nails and beautiful hair, and makes the skin smooth. It can reduce swelling, inflammation and creates a good pH balance in the body. Take some blueberries, avocado, spinach or kale leaves, coconut nectar, blueberry powder, MSM powder and mix till smooth with coconut water.

5. Feeling stiff and achy?

Are your muscles all tied into knots? Are you feeling moody and looking old? This brilliant Magnesium Oil spray from Sunfoods will leave you feeling relived from your aches and pains. When sprayed on the skin magnesium oil is almost immediately absorbed by the body, channelled directly to the cellular level where the magnesium can immediately begin to reduce inflammation, stop pain, repair connective tissue damage and much more. Magnesium oil sprayed on wrinkled skin may help to smooth out the wrinkles, restoring youth and beauty. Used orally, spray on your teeth and brush to help brighten your smile and relax stiff jaws. Who can say no to that? Also perfect after a night of dancing in high heels or a though workout. Or let someone massage the oil on your skin, double pleasures.

6. Feeling all worn out, can’t concentrate, too tired to function?

Get a natural pick-me-up with the benefits of Guarana. Guarana seeds can increase mental alertness and help maintain energy. The plant, fruit and seeds are traditionally used among the native population of the Amazon to treat a variety of disorders, such as fever, migraine, boredom, frigidity and diarrhoea. The powder made ??from the seeds contains guaranine, a substance that is similar to caffeine in its composition. It can be added to your smoothie or juice. Better than all that coffee that drains you from water and makes your skin look old and tired.

7. Is your heart beating too fast but you lack the energy to do something about it?

Wild harvested plants such as nettle are a good source for minerals that keep us healthy and strong. Water-soluble minerals offered from Mother Earth, in a form that the body actually perceives as food, are better than pills. As you may know, iron is an essential trace element in the human body. Lack of iron can cause anaemia, poor physical performance, fatigue, a racing heartbeat and shortness of breath. So to keep that little bird heart from popping in your chest, drop one drop under you tongue and keep it there for one minute before you swallow it.

Other super foods and tricks to keep you looking fresh even if you partied all night.

Raw cacao:

Lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormone levels in highly stressed people and helps people with anxiety to improve their metabolism while reducing stress. Raw cacao also contains an amino acid that makes you euphoric. In other words, raw cacao is a perfect defence against stress.


This is an Ayurvedic super herb great for all stress related issues. It calms the mind; it gives relief when you are nervous, soothes the body, gives energy and strengthens the nervous system. It boosts the immune system and fights off free radicals, thanks to antioxidants in the herb.

Regulates your blood sugar levels to keep your mood bright and shiny. And fights off hunger, which is great when you don’t have time to eat. A great super food to boost your smoothie or raw food candies, so you can fit into all those tight jeans and party dresses.

Arctic root:

This is a powerful Chinese herb that relives us from anxiety and stress. It’s effective for improving your mood and alleviating depression. The effects come from the changes in serotonin and dopamine levels.

Coconut water:

Great when your body feels dehydrated after alcohol, salty foods and dancing until early hours. Drink some every day and you will look both younger and skinnier. It’s easy to mix in smoothies or raw food soups.

I leave you with this advice from ancient Egypt, ensuring a good blissful afterlife: “Follow thy desire, as long as thou shalt live.

Put myrrh upon thy head and clothing of fine linen upon thee,
Fulfil thy needs upon earth, after the command of thy heart,
until there come for thee that day of mourning.”

Johanna Ljunggren: mother, married to Honey, techno lover, raw food expert, president of “Mysiga Gruppen” (the cozy group), yogini and not afraid of sex. Photography by Rita Lino