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Supermodel Hilary Rhoda photographed by Yu Tsai and fashion by Martina Nilsson. Make up by Christian McCulloch at Tim Howard Mgmt, hair by Antonio Diaz at Bryan Bantry and manicurist by Julie Kandelec at Bryan Bantry. Production and post production by 88phase. Location by Jack Studio NYC. Model Tilda Lindstam photographed by Hasse Nielsen and fashion by Robert Rydberg. Hair by Erika Svedjevik, make up by Anya de Tobon and modeling by Tilda Lindstam at Stockholmsgruppen. Fashion assistance by Josefine Skomars, Maria Barsoum and Adam Pettersson. Photo assistance by Oscar Meyer. Thanks to James & Perra Studio.


Actress Emmanuelle Seigner photographed by Magnus Magnusson and fashion by Stefanie Miano. Hair by Sonia Duchaussoy at Airport Agency, make up by Hugo Villard at Matthieu Bourdet and modeling by Emmanuelle Seigner at Storm Models. Photography by Magnus Magnusson, fashion by Robert Rydberg, Hair by Karl Eklund, make up by Josefin Scherdin,set design by Disa Braunerhielm, casting by Åsa Karyd, modeling by Nathalie at NischManagement, Cecilia A, Emelie F, Quincy F, Siri G at Stockholmsgruppen. Amanda A, Emma S, Viktoria P at Mikas and Anisa at Elite. Fashion assistance by Josefine Skomars, Maria Barsoum and Adam Pettersson. Photo assistance by Fredrik Nessen and hair assistance by Joe Yvs. Special thanks to Spring Studios.


Actress Chloe Grace Moretz photographed by Yu Tsai. Photography by Jasmin Storch, fashion by Christopher Insulander, hair by Sherin, make up by Johanna Sylvan. Hair assistance by Joanna Rask, Sainabou Chune, make up assistance by Josefina Zarmén.Modeling by Ruben Lambert, Rasmus Kalén, Erika Hök, Björn Winiger, Simon Bredenberg, Carl Hjelm, ,Axel Greve and Filip Roséen, Annie Åkerman, Rosanna Plüss, Anna Jarallah, Thomasine Nilsson Wrede, Andrea Schylström, Simon Bredenberg, Rasmus Kalén, Filip Lindström, Filip Roséen, Alexander Martinez and Martin Ullström at Nischmanagement.