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Philippe Pourhashemi meets Alexandre Mattiussi, who founded AMI Paris in 2011. Portrait of Alexandre Mattiussi photographed by Luc Braquet.
AMI Paris Fall/Winter 2022.
Philippe Pourhashemi talks to Pierre-François Valette. Pictures courtesy of Valette Studio.
Pictures courtesy of Valette Studio.
Philippe Pourhashemi talks to Meryll Rogge. Meryll Rogge photographed by Sloan Laurits.
Photographs by Sloan Laurits.
Marco Pecorari interviews Fabio Donghi, who founded INDIGITAL in 1997, one of the major online platforms and digital content production providers for fashion. Pictures courtesy of INDIGITAL.TV.
Pictures courtesy of INDIGITAL.TV
Lucas Dias interviews Alphonse Maitrepierre. Portrait of Alphonse Maitrepierre courtesy of Maitrepierre.
Pictures courtesy of Maitrepierre.
Philippe Pourhashemi talks to Thomas Monet. Portrait of Thomas Monet, pictures courtesy of Cool T.M.
Pictures courtesy of Cool T.M.
Journalist Lucas Dias interviews Arturo Obegero. Portrait of Arturo Obegero by Gaëtan Bernede.
Pictures courtesy of Arturo Obegero.