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Photography by Yoo Koon, styling by Soyeon Kim, creative direction by Sarah Michelle Desu, hair and make up by J i e u n and modeling by Lee Hye Jeong.
EROS XII. EROS I. Photography by Louise Enhörning.
Photography by Icepong Sang, styling by Suthee Ritthaworn, art direction by Nannaphat Arunothaivitsarut, hair by Tomoaki Sato, make up by Mitch Yoshida, modeling by Piya, photographer’s assistance by Richard Saralertsophon and stylist’s assistance by Minji Kim.
Photography by Magdalena Czajka-Cardoso, styling by Klaudyna Wójcik, hair and make up by Klaudia Kot and modeling by Saltanat at United for Models. Photography by Hailey Liu, styling by Peiwen Wang, hair and make up by Lynn Liu, modeling by Caleb Senecker at DT Model Management and on set assistance by Nic Swart.
Photography by Lucía Izco and modeling by Abril Castroman at LO Management. Photography by Minami Okada, styling by Sho Furukawa, hair and make up by dunda Umeo and modeling by Bianca at Number Eight Modeling Agency.
Photography by Estella Dandyk and Julia Yarko, styling by Hanna Nawrot and Karolina Fafińska, make up by Ola Cynkier, modeling by Maja Tyszecka and Hubert Grabusiński, art direction by Hanna Nawrot and Karolina Fafińska, assistance by Alicja Lesiów, Bartosz Fatek, Maciek Bernaś, Michalina Kacperak, Natalia Godek, Wioletta Kulas, Szymon Cyglicki. Photography by Laura Martinova, styling by Marta Rosmeri, hair and make up by Julieta, modeling by Virginia, photographer’s assistance by Mafe Espitia and photo lab by Bien bien.